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Adding a Gazebo or Pergola to Your Dubai City Yard

Even though Dubai City can get very hot, the rest of the year has great weather for going outside and having fun. If you like to spend time with friends and family in your yard, you might want to add an outdoor structure to make the most of your yard. Here are some reasons why you might want to put a gazebo or pergola in your yard.

Gazebo and Pergola Dubai

Longer time to be outside

A lot of pergolas are just places to get shade. But a pergola or gazebo in Dubai can both give you more space. You can also add an air conditioner or mister to your patio if it gets too hot. And curtains can be added to either of these outdoor structures to help keep heat in and cold out.

Security and Privacy

Even though many pergola and gazebo Dubai are built with open sides, you can get a lot of privacy by adding drapes, screens, or lattices. These beautiful outdoor structures can be used to make cozy spots for drinking coffee in the morning or eating outside. Many people build the structure to cover a hot tub or to go with a pool in their backyard. No matter how close your backyard is to your neighbor’s, an outdoor structure is a great way to create a space that feels completely hidden.

Gazebo and Pergola Dubai

Even if you don’t need privacy, a pergola or gazebo can block the view of something you don’t like. Your neighbor’s messy yard, big buildings, or busy roads can be hidden by latticework and plants around your pergola. For less than you might spend on a privacy fence, you can make a private space that adds to your backyard oasis.

The value of a home goes up

In addition to defining a space, outdoor structures can also increase the value of your property. Studies show that landscaping can add up to 11% to the value of a home. Remember that not all landscaping makes a home worth more. To make a house more appealing to buyers, it needs to be of high quality and done by a professional. You can also add value to your yard with hardscaping, like decking, pavers, or cut stone patios and walkways. And when you’re making plans for hardscapes, outdoor kitchens, porches, or patios, it makes sense to add a pergola or gazebo.

Cover and Shade

Your outdoor space is only as useful as you make it, and a pergola or gazebo makes it much more useful. These structures give you a place to put up outdoor lights and make it easier to use your yard all year long. On the sunniest days, you can stay outside because a pergola or plants that grow up it provide shade. By adding lights to one of these structures, you can stay out in the yard long after the sun goes down. If you have an outdoor kitchen or a grilling set-up, this extra shelter lets you use it to its fullest.

Growing plants on walls

One of the best things about a pergola or gazebo is that they make vertical gardening possible. Usually, climbing perennials are used to plant around outdoor structures to provide shade and privacy. This is a great place to put flowering vines or climbers with interesting leaves that change with the seasons. They also give you a great place to grow vines that produce fruit, like kiwis or grapes.


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