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Joinery services Dubai

Kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes, and bespoke joinery Dubai are just some of the products and services that we provide for commercial multi-residential, hotel, education and research lab, health care, office space, retail and hospitality, government projects, and public space fit outs. Our products and services are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
JA Joinery is able to keep up with the fast-paced and ever-changing environment that our projects require thanks to the advanced manufacturing process technologies and specialized information technology systems that we have.
JA Joinery has been able to keep a strong presence in the market as a direct result of our ongoing investments in cutting-edge information technology (IT) systems.
Our customers hold us in extremely high esteem and regard us as one of the industry’s foremost authorities in our particular niche.

Joinery Work Dubai

Our Process


This is the point at which everything begins! Every day, the highly detailed estimators that make up our team go through the process of reading architectural plans and interpreting them in order to prepare and submit bids. Working together with the contractors to evaluate the bid and with the different departments within the company to create a budget for the next project.


At JA Joinery, we strive to achieve the best possible results for our projects by collaborating closely with our clients, consultants, and designers, as well as the suppliers we work with. During this process, we offer our expert guidance based on our extensive experience in the industry.

Project Management

After receiving an order for a project, a group of qualified professionals who specialise in that particular work will be assigned to manage your order from the very beginning, beginning with the development of the design and continuing on through manufacture, delivery, and installation. Our coordination team locates premium materials and finishes both in Australia and abroad, and they make it their business to ensure that the technical specifications are adhered to in accordance with Australian standards.

Design Documentation

Our project development team uses the most advanced software technology that the industry has to offer and ensures that workflow control is maintained at all times while ensuring that the design intent of the joinery work Dubai is adhered to throughout the entirety of the project.


The high-end integrated manufacturing software that is installed in each of our dedicated in-house facilities in Melbourne and China enables real-time workflow tracking of your joinery throughout the production process. These facilities are located all over the world. This is supplemented by cutting-edge CNC machinery that provides outstanding performance and a high-quality finish, and it is supported by our team of professional tradespeople who are qualified in their respective trades to ensure that your project is completed effectively and flawlessly.

Assembly / Installation

This is the final stage of production, and our skilled team of cabinet makers is concentrating on the finishing touches and minute details of the product. Your visions have now been given form and functionality in your living environment, and they have been finished to the highest possible standard, beginning with the architectural joinery design and continuing through completion.


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